• Pet Resistant Fiberglass Screen

    Pet Resistant Fiberglass Screen

    Pet Screen is seven times stronger than traditional insect screening and offers excellent outward visibility. It is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats....


  • Insect Screen

    Insect Screen

    This standard insect screen is the mesh applied in most window and doors. Easily fabricated, this high-quality standard mesh is the preferred insect screening in the fenestration industry....


  • ../Anti-pollen/Anti–Allergic Screen

    Anti-pollen/Anti–Allergic Screen

    This screen will prevent the entry of smaller insects. Moreover, a special coating is used to prevent the surface of pollen and dust from the surface of the fiber....


  • Fiberglass Plisse Screen

    Fiberglass Plisse Screen

    Plisse Screen is also called pleated screen. A foldable and decorative screen with beautiful and grace facade. Using plisse screen will save spaces....


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Magnetic Fly Door Screen Curtains for Pet Doors

Instead of fixing the heavy wooden frame screen door, the magnetic fly door screen curtain comes out to save labors. The pet door curtains can be made of screen curtains of various materials: fiberglass screen, plastic window screen, and other mesh materials.

Soft fly door screen curtain netting materials offer more flexibility for you to go through freely. Micro hole door screen curtain guards your house from mosquitoes, flies, or other tiny bugs. Strong magnets along the door screen curtain center realize truly hands-free function. Two door screen curtain panels sewn as a whole snaps automatically and closed seamlessly.

Magnetic pet door screen curtains offer the fresh air while keep bugs out.

Application: Widely used in home for garage, kitchen, bedroom, living room, in restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other places. Magnetic pet door screen curtain is the best choice for ventilation, filtrating, insect-proof, safety with various screenings of doors. Not to worry a wind will blow it open. Convenient for toddlers, pets and free of obstacles for wheel chairs.


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